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38 Responses to “Message Page”

  • Bruce Wilson says:

    Here’s our revised website which is located on our new server. Hope our members find it useful.

  • ray power says:

    thought i would say hi ,, jess and i are on oyur way to wa vgold prospecting for a few months , hope all our roadrunners are qwell

  • Brendan Stradling says:


    I am a Grandson of WO2 Robert Mundy, who served the Roadrunners in Vietnam. In 2008, my “Papa” Robert (better known as “Bob”) unfortunately succumbed to cancer as a result of a heart transplant. My Grandmother (Avis, Bob’s wife) and i are currently planning a trip to Vietnam, with the idea of seeing the countryside that he saw (although we do realise it will be different, it will hopefully offer us some understanding and closure).

    From my Grandmothers memories, we have been able to piece together a rough itenary, combining the places he visited with tourist attractions. So far, our 14 day itenary includes:

    – Landing in Saigon (HCMC), with side trips to Long Hai, Vung Tau & Bien Hoa (5 days)
    – Fly to Da Nang, taxi to Hoi An (4 Days)
    – Rail to Nha Trang (4 Days)
    – Fly back to Saigon (1 Day)

    We also know that he was at Nui Dat, but apart from the destinations as mentioned above, we cannot figure out any more places, especially given our 14 day limit. This is where i would ask your help, especially if any of you knew my Grandfather. This trip is for him as much as for us, and i’d like to know that i’ve planned it right. If anyone can suggest a destination that may be of better suitability than the mentioned, i’d love to hear it. I can be contacted by email – bjstradling@internode.on.net. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • George Theckston says:

    Hello Brendan and the good looking Avis, I worked with tour GD in Vietnam and when we both retired from the Army in Brisbane, If you can try and contact John Croft, he now lives in the old Vung Tau, he may be able to show some of the places that GD worked in. I’m sorry I don’t have any contact details for you. When you go to Vietnam you will see a beautiful country, the people are just as good. enjoy it.


  • Haley roberson says:

    Could anyone please tell me if anyone is marching Brisabne 2011 ANZAC Day March

  • Mick Heffernan says:

    I was at the Camp Quality convoy for kids yesterday and some of the members from your unit were there, i have a photo that he would dearly love to share on your facebook page, but as an outsider i can not post it. Can you tell me a way of doing this…cheers

  • Julie Law says:

    Hello all,my name is Julie Law & I’m the partner of the recently deceased Bernie O’ryan,also known to some as BOC. Aparently there have been several army guys that have contacted the funeral director wanting to pay their respects. I was surprised & very proud to hear this,as he’d lost touch with most of his unit over the years.
    There was abit of confusion when the fella’s contacted the funeral director,as they were told his BROTHER was handling his funeral. Bernie had only found out last year that he had a brother,when I tracked down his father & met him for the 1st time. If anyone wishes to contact me,my email address is julielaw1970@yahoo.com

  • Vicki Marchetti says:

    Hi, my ex partner, Michael Molony served in Vietnam and I am wondering if there is anyone out there who served with him. We have photographs and no identification on any of these photos and wondering if anyone can help my daughter and I out. We live on the northside of Brisbane. I can be contacted by email: vickimarchetti@ymail.com


  • Margaret Whitley says:

    My husband Michael Whitley was a Roadrunner from March 1969 – April 1970. I was wondering if there are any of his old mates from that time interested in getting in touch with him?

    I have lots of slides from his time in S.Vietnam but have no idea who they are of and Mike’s eyesight has deteriorated so cannot see who’s in the photos.

    Michael went into a nursing home in Griffith NSW in 2000 with advanced MS and would love to catch up with anyone he knew. Mentally, he’s ok but physically, no. Has both legs amputated above the knee (2010).

    I can be contacted by email on mw501720@bigpond.net.au and I shall be happy to pass anything from you on to him.


    Margaret (Whitley)

  • Tracy says:

    Hi guys, My Uncle was in the 85 Transport Platoon from Oct 69 – Oct 70, his name was Colin Wilkin, I’m planning a trip to Vietnam with my son this year and would dearly love to find out more about where he was stationed, If anyone has any info that could help me out that would be awesome, tracywilkin@bigpond.com

  • Bob Metcalfe says:

    Hi all, It’s an apology from me for the Albury re-union. The Kendall RSL sub-Branch turns 60 on the 16th of August 2013 and as Secretary I will be attending our function planned for the Saturday the 17th. Hope to catch up in 2015, which could even be harder with all the planning for the centenary of Galipoli still under way.
    Cheerz, Bob

  • buddha says:

    did u no that mickel has past away

  • Phil Brookes says:

    Hi Folks,

    Phil Brookes RAASC Vietnam Veterans Association here. Some of you may know about the Grocers and Gunners tours to Vietnam. The next one is in Sep/Oct 2013. I’ve four berths left if anyone is interested. Can be contacted on 0418 719 166

  • john beekmeyer says:

    Pls email the current 85 Tpt Troop list of all serving members in Vietnam to jb_major@hotmail.com

  • john beekmeyer says:

    should I be requesting 85 Tpt Platoon or 85 Troop listing (of all members who served in Vietnam)? Who is the (next) Adelaide Reunion contact as no response was received from Albury Reunion contact?

  • Neisha Dunbar says:

    I am the late Geoff Dunbar’s daughter and would love to hear from Veterans who served with Dad. My brother’s and I have no access to photographs and Vietnam keepsakes of Dad’s and we and Dad’s grandchildren would love to hear some stories of Dad’s tour of duty. From memory I think his nickname was ‘Brass up’. I am located in Geelong and can be contacted via email at neishad@pathways.org
    Thanks in advance, Neisha

  • Dave says:

    Hey you Roadrunners……….. well here it is & I think you guy will be happy with the end result that Howie & Karen has come up with. I think its unreal.

    It is on Navy blue badge material, so you have your three corps colours of Red, Navy and white. $10 each plus 60 cent postage. (If you require 3 or more badges, you will need to add another 60c to the postage)

    All you need to do is to Email Howie or Karen at willembr@gmail.com for details on how to order & payment directions.

    See Patch on 85 transport troop FB page.(sorry couldn’t upload it here)

  • paul edgerton says:

    my dad graham edgerton was in 85 transport any photos or information would be appreciated as he has paased cheers his son paul.

  • Grant wright says:

    Hi guys, my name is Grant Wright,
    My father Geoff Wright was a member of 85 transport, I think 26 company and served 70-71.
    He passed in 2000, I would appreciate any info/photos of him, I would love one day to perhaps come to a march and meet some guys who knew him to hear some stories, he was quite the larrikin, and I bet there were many, and I miss the old bugger

  • Mal Hughes 2 Tpt Pl says:

    Mate ,can you send to all your contacts please!!!.
    The Military Vehicle Preservation Society SA Inc., and National Military Vehicle Museum has been given until the 30th June 2014 to come up with an offer to buy the property we now commercially rent,
    We require $200,000 to Finalise our offer which our Landlord has accepted. The land behind us has been sold and the landlord wants our area sold immediately!!.
    Any Philanthropy or Donations would be greatly appreciated, and we offer, naming rights for our Area, with a large sign over our Double gates, solar lit, and a Brass Plaque embedded inside our Museum. All Philanthropy and Donations will receive a Tax Deductible receipt and Certificate of Donation.
    To lose this ICON after 21 years of struggle to attain a World Class Museum, accepted by Education, Schools, Veterans, Heritage, Preservation , History Associations, Public, would be a disaster, and if broken up most would head overseas never to be seen again.
    Our Members, Volunteers, Friends and Families would be shattered after all that effort to build this ICON for Australia.
    ALL Donations to, the TREASURER, PO Box 174 Salisbury SA 5108. More information, Trevor, trevload@bigpond.com 0418 829 320.
    Many Thanks Mate,
    Trevor Brown PR and Public Officer
    Trevor Brown served with 2 Tpt Pl April 1967

  • We are looking the Army Transport drivers involved in the 1996 Timboon Lions Club Hay Drives who may wish to come to the 20th anniversary night.
    Thanks Steve

  • Bob (macca) Mackay says:

    gday to all 85 just wonding any info on victor harbour reuion in aug 2015 i was in the heavy section 85 tpt 69-70 looking foward to catch up macca

  • Greg Vagg says:

    Iam trying to get in contact with a few of the guys that were located in Moorebank I only know them by their nicknames if anyone remembers Leggie snoopy hebbit could they please contact me as I would like to see these guys again

  • paul says:

    My Dad, Ron Douglass was in 85 Transport Platoon 67-72.
    Anyone from that time ?

  • Ray McGorm says:

    I knew both Bob Mundy (Cpl) and Geoff Wright in 158 Tpt platoon (TPTR) at Puckapunyal
    Ultra modern vehicles then 1940? vintage diamond T’s. one as prime mover and one as pusher.
    Usually the driver of the pusher read a book (stick) while moving I think it was geoff in the pusher
    probably sleeping when it came adrift from the a frame.
    Anyone posted to 85Tpt. regarded it as detachment 158

    but sorry no photos all disappeared over the years
    Ray McG.

  • Noel Murphy says:

    Can someone recall the name of a past 9 regiment CO who we used to refer to as “Creaping Jesus”?

  • Greg ROGERS says:


    Looking to contact Graham Clive HINDSON, 85 Pl SVN, April 1969 – April 1970. I’m actually trying to reconnect with his brother Warwick.

    Graham, if you’re still around, or if anyone might have contact details, I’d be very grateful for the opportunity to have a chat with you.

    Thanks guys.

    Greg Rogers
    Ex 110 Sig Sqn
    SVN 69-70 & 71-72


  • Ken Delofski says:

    Hello, i am looking for infomation on 2017 Reunion in Perth as we have lost the contact name and number. Thank you Ken Delofski.

  • Scott Bailey says:

    Hi all just a note that one of your former comrades Lyall Smith has passed away 2 October 2016 after a battle with Motor Neurone Disease in Port Macquarie. He passed quietly in the company of his family. His funeral is to be confirmed for later this week.
    My condolences to all who knew him.

    Scot Bailey
    16 TPT SQN

  • Robert Forrester says:

    I have lost the information regarding the reunion in Albany in 2017. Could you please send me the current details. Thanks.

  • Wendy Adamson says:

    SCO Recruitment is looking for HC drivers, preferably with Defence backgrounds. The jobs are permanent on a 5 year contract.
    The work will run from the old DNSDC and SME or Steele Barracks sites.
    Start date is April which allows time for conversion of licences. SCO works with RSL Lifecare and Homes for Heroes.
    Anyone interested, call SCO on Tuesday after 9am on 8738 0100.


    Hi, my name is Doreen Whatley (formally Alderman) does anyone remember my husband Bruce Alderman he served 13/11/1967 to 13/11/1968 he passed away in 1987. Two of my granddaughter & myself are going to South Vietnam early February 2017. What should we make sure we see while we are there

  • Philip Brookes says:

    Grocers and Gunners France Anzac tour 17 Apr – 5 May 2018. Paris is our first stop and then the Amiens. Attend the Anzac Day ceremony at Villers-Bretonneux. Visit Vignacourt, Peronne, Mont Saint Quentin, Hamel, Poziers, Menin Gate ceremony in Ieper and much more The visit the Loire Valley for well earned R&R at chateaux and wineries.
    Travel Singapore Airlines from your capital city and stay at quality, well located hotels in France. Contact: Phil Brookes on mobile 0418 719 166.for further information and full itinerary. Ex Ra Inf, RAASC. RAAOC. Vietnam 1968/69. Some members have joined me on previous trips, particularly Vietnam.

  • Noel Murphy says:

    Toll at Myambat NSW (near Denman) needs several B double drivers to do explosive ordnance for defence Australia wide. Keen to here from team people, as this job requires drivers to drive in convoy in the same manner that the defence did it for years prior to it going away from Defence back in 2002.
    Need to be flexible.
    Please ring Jason Finn on 0438718043. ( contract manager ) email jason.finn@tollgrop.com

  • steve mccallum says:

    Can any body tell me when the 50 birthday is going to be on regards Blue McCallum

  • Andrew Craig Barrie says:

    My cousin and I are writing a book on the service men and women from the Willowie / Amyton area of Sth Australia. One of these is Gary Woolford – S/no 4721756. I will be meeting his wife in Sth Australia next week. I would like anyone who served with Gary who could help with some background as to what he did – etc. I assure your members we want to recognise these people’s service in the best possible wa.

  • My father, Wayne Templar, was a Road Runner. I was proud to know he served his country and his family. Thank you all for your service.

  • Paul Rogerson says:

    G’day, I’m trying to contact an old mate who is anex 85 Pl member – Graham Lather. I only have his landline number which has been disconnected. Any help would be appreciated.

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